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I first started trekking with Bill, many many years ago. To say I was inspired by the instant turning back of time to a largely forgotten area is an understatement. I was instantly transported to a another time, another world, my childhood cowboy fantasies (The man from snowy river!)  brought to life in the most vivid possible manner.  Later, I was fortunate enough to learn to muster and cut cattle with Bill. I have had so many great memories from the feel of a western saddle saddle, to the scenery in the high country, to steak cooking on a hotplate in the original musterers hut. These are memories that will stay with me forever. Bills Horses are so well mannered and compliant, you cannot help but develop an immediate fondness for them.  They are soft to ride and are truly bomb proof. For those who wish to try the most challenging routes, Bills horses really can turn on a dime. Thank you so much Bill (and horses).

Nathan, Taranaki.

Bill has been fantastic helping me both with my own riding and also schooling my own horse.  I have found great benefits in both riding his very well schooled horses and also taking my own horse to him and working to improve her as well as myself.

I believe Bill's greatest asset is his boundless patience and willingness to pass on everything he knows.  He has a great ability to watch you ride and then offer very simple instructions that lead to vast improvements.  I have ridden for many, many years but know that my riding style has improved hugely under Bill's guidance.

Bills horses are very well behaved and are perfect for the absolute beginner while allowing experienced riders to focus on more advanced tasks.  I have seen very nervous first time riders gain huge amounts of confidence in very short periods of time simply because they feel so safe in Bill's schooling environment.  Most importantly of all, Bill's riding school is FUN!  There is always time for a laugh and a joke which goes a long way to soothing a nervous rider.

Anytime a person says to me " I would love to learn how to ride a horse" my answer is always  "Go and see Bill Newton!"

Stephanie, Taranaki.


Samples from our vistors book:

Had an awesome time, thank you so much Bill, Charlotte, Wellington.

Amazing, I can't believe I did it.  Anne, New Plymouth.

Thank you Bill, Banjo and Elegance, we had the best day ever! Skylar, New Plymouth.

Epic- I got to gallop in New Zealand!  Alex, UK.

Stunning horses and beautiful scenery.  Thank you, Amber, Nelson.

Awesome ride and a fantastic lunch, Amanda, New Plymouth.

FANTASTIC hen party trek, Jacqueline, New Plymouth.

Bloody great thanks Bill, Steve, UK.

A great ride and great views. Thanks Bill. Jack, Canada.




To say Bill Newton has a passion for horses is an understatement.  Horses have always played a part in the farming operations of the Newton Tuahu block...

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