We are located on Matapo Road, inland from the Urenui township, North Taranaki, New Zealand.

From New Plymouth, drive time is approximately 35 minutes north.

Some information about North Taranaki

Taranaki is well known for its fertile volcanic soil and mild terrain - ideal for dairy farming. For many years the two main industries of the Taranaki province have been dairy farming and oil exploration. But as we head North and  inland, the country changes quite dramatically into wild, rugged terrain. One of the greatest virtues of Taranaki is its contrasts. In the summer months it is no trick to spend a day horse riding in the hills, then finish the day with a swim at the beach or dine at one of the many restaurants found in the beautiful and bustling New Plymouth city. Everything is within reach. 
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The Festival of Lights, Pukekura Park New Plymouth. As daylight fades the crowds come to enjoy the music and lights of the summer festival.

Urenui is a small upbeat village located approximately 30 minutes drive North of New Plymouth, that has for a long time serviced the farming community of North Taranaki. We have cafes from Onaero to Wai-iti including Mud bay Cafe in the centre of Urenui. Urenui is also home to the White Cliffs Brewery which has won several world standard awards for its excellent beers.
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Taranaki Beaches are beautiful.

Five minutes inland from the coast sees the visitor instantly transported back in time, the land a mixture of forest and open hill country. The mud rock base of this country ensured that European settlers could not fully clear the land for beef and sheep farming. Of the land that was cleared, a proportion suffered severe erosion, necessitating farmers take a different view to farming practices or be driven away in frustration. Today, North and inland Taranaki features a mix of virgin native forest, secondary regrowth and open country. The ever changing nature of this country ensures that the horse reigns supreme. As local farmer once put it while humorously reflecting on decades of farming, "Not only did the stock move, the paddocks moved too.  I would go looking for my stock and have to find my paddock at the same time".

For more information about the Tuahu block where we base our treks, please see the About us page.  You can also click here to visit this page or here to see our photo gallery. To see North Taranaki in Film, check out the movie "The Last Samurai", filmed just a few valley systems away from Adventure trekking.
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Mount Taranaki seen above the bush line at Adventure Trekking as the sun sets.


To say Bill Newton has a passion for horses is an understatement.  Horses have always played a part in the farming operations of the Newton Tuahu block...

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