Horse Riding School

Our Western Riding School (clinic) is run during weekends on an ongoing basis. Horses are provided however those who wish to bring a horse for schooling are most welcome to do so. We work with small groups so that Bill can dedicate one on one time with each rider.

Riding lessons focus on both horsemanship as well as specific Western horse riding methods. The goal is to bring the horse and rider into union so that one is not fighting the other. Many folk have a general understanding of horse riding and training - but it is the subtleties that are often overlooked. It is the difference between being able to control a horse using a curbed bit, versus riding with nothing more than a western halter.

The majority of our lessons are conducted within our riding arena until such time as it is appropriate to venture into the field. There is nothing to be afraid of here, no need to prove your skills or meet some imaginary expectation.  Simply come with an open mind and enjoy the process.

Lessons cost: $50 per hour.
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To say Bill Newton has a passion for horses is an understatement.  Horses have always played a part in the farming operations of the Newton Tuahu block...

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